Andreas Salcher is making his presence felt both as the author of altogether five #1 bestsellers and as a critic of the educational system in the media of the German-speaking part of Europe.

“The book THE TALENTED KID AND HIS ENEMIES is written in a high-spirited style and well worth reading because it confronts the pupils’ perspectives with the conventional views of pedagogues. It does away with the prejudice that talent is based merely on a genetic constant and proves that many children have far more talents than their teachers assume.”
Michaela Seiser in the daily „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“, Germany

„Salcher writes in a high-spirited style and takes relish in wielding the two-handed sword… Salcher’s conclusion: Schooling that is ready for the future must qualify the graduates to anticipate what is coming up—-then, the smoldering resignation may very well disappear.”
Werner Knecht in the daily „Neue Zürcher Zeitung“, Switzerland

Andreas Salcher’s work has created much resonance within the English-speaking world, too. His book The Wounded Man was the subject matter for the interview with the renowned magazine “design mind” of the design agency Frog.

“The difference between winners and losers – that is, between those who are able to turn wounds into great skills and those who are broken by them–can be summarized as personal responsibility instead of fatalism. It doesn’t matter how seriously, how often, or how unfairly winners have been hurt, they never feel like helpless victims. Winners certainly don’t suffer less than losers, yet they always feel that they are personally responsible for their lives. The key question is what meaning different individuals attribute to their wounds.”