All or Nothing – How Future Popes will Change the World

The book intends to present „Science Faction“ rather than „Science Fiction“. From the perspective of Pope Francis and his successors, it delineates world history from today until 2035. In the next twenty years to come, mankind will struggle to reconcile science with spirituality. The challenges we have to deal with over the course of two decades include fundamentalism and the god dispute, artificial life, environmental disasters, and rebellions. Who will provide guidance in these times of massive change? Information on the book.

The scenario rendered in this book, which Andreas Salcher co-authored with health professional and theologian Johannes Huber, is based on 80 conversations with church insiders, including influential curial cardinals, bishops, abbots, theologians, Jesuits from five continents, seasoned Vatican journalists as well as simple priests and members of female religious orders. Reassured by the pledge of utmost confidentiality, many interviewees surprised with well-nigh revolutionary concepts of the church’s future. In 20 years from now, they believe, the church will have more feminine, Jesuit, and spiritual traits – or will have ceased to exist altogether.


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