His book “THE TALENTED KID AND HIS ENEMIES”, which was published in March 2008, was a #1 bestseller. It set off a comprehensive debate on values and the way society deals with talent. A vote among readers in Austria presented Andreas Salcher with the “Writer of the Year 2009″ award for this book, succeeding Joanne K. Rowling, the award winner of 2008.

All subsequent books, “THE WOUNDED MAN”, “MY LAST HOUR”, “I DID NOT KNOW”, “NO MORE SCHOOL” and “DREAD NOT TO KNOW THYSELF” were also #1 bestsellers, with the first two each surpassing  200’000 books sold in Austria, for which he received two “Platinum Book” prizes. In September 2019, Andreas Salcher published his tenth book “THE TALENTED STUDENT AND HIS ETERNAL ENEMIES”. To date Andreas Salcher’s books have been published in Polish, Korean, and Mandarin. Since English editions are not available yet, the following abstracts provide short descriptions of his books.