My Last Hour

This is not a book about death, rather about life, about every single day which lies before us. About our dreams and wishes, which we do not take the opportunity to fulfill. About our love for other people which we often do not dare to declare. About the love for ourselves which in our lives does not often exist. About the opportunities life opens up to us which we do not seize out of fear or our failure to recognize them. About supposedly worthwhile goals, which make it clear in retrospect that on the way there we have overlooked something more important. About the twinkle in our eyes that gradually fades.

We live our lives only once. There is no opportunity to do it better the next time. Truly living means trying to live according to our own measures again and again. It is never too late to embark on the journey to maximize our own possibilities.

This book is a companion for the many unwritten, blank pages of your life.


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