Opinions on Andreas Salcher


“It is rare to make a successful contribution to even one sphere of life; Andreas Salcher has been effective in several at once: education, business, politics, and social criticism. What he writes makes a profound and realistic contribution to all these fields.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Discoverer of the flow and leading researcher on happiness

“Andreas Salcher is a creator, a synthesizer, a daring innovator. When it comes to imagining the future, he is fearless; when it comes to bringing people together, he is thoughtful; when it comes to working to make the world a better place, he is tireless.”
Alan M. Webber
Long-time Editor-in-Chief of the “Harvard Business Review”
  “Andreas Salcher has a unique talent and flair for convening the leading thinkers of our time, successfully leading them into and through dialog whose result is a dissemination of wisdom for the benefit of humankind’s present generation and generations still to come.”
Robert C. Gallo
Discoverer of the HIV virus
  “When we consider that, according to UNESCO, more people will have completed school in the next thirty years than in all the preceding years of human history, then now is precisely the right time for us to draw the proper conclusions from Andreas Salcher’s theses.”
Gunter Blobel
Nobel Laureate in Medicine