I Did Not Know

Some day, a child will look you in the eye. A child you know. He will point out what is happening today: Resources being depleted, aspirations vitiated, misery overlooked with callousness, personal gain maximized. Then you will be asked: Did you really not know at the time?

All of a sudden it dawns on us that we are concerned after all and that we have to make a decision: To either keep our eyes open and take action or to look away and do nothing. We are not always offered the opportunity to change the major things in the world, but we do have the power to correct the minor ones.

„This is a book about improving ourselves rather than improving our world.”


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press commentaries

  • “The day of reckoning “I Did Not Know” is also the title of the book. Anyone who has read it knows very well that he can do something as an individual: “This is not a book about improving the world, but about self-improvement.” The positive examples show that we do not always have the opportunity to change the world, but very much to correct the little things.”

    "Kurier" presented Andreas Salcher's new book as their cover story

  • “I Did Not Know,” it says, and this is what the chapter “revolution in school” is about: The educational pedagogical bed escape, which has no advantages for Andreas Salcher. “We pull the children out of deep sleep,” the author explains in the “Krone” – interview. In many schools, the teaching begins at 7:30 a.m. Andreas Salcher: “At 5:45 a.m., many children have to be out of bed when you take the time for breakfast and travel into account.”


  • In his new book Salcher calls on the reader, to make their own contribution to the next generation to leave a livable environment. “We do not always have the opportunity to change the big things in the world, but very much the power to correct the small”.

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