Dread not to know thyself

Self-discovery through ancient Jesuit wisdom

360 years ago Jesuit Baltasar Gracián published his mystical work „The Pocket Oracle and Art of Prudence“.

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Gracián’s reflections on the complex nature of the human soul, on emotional intelligence, on the laws of power and on public relations do not fail to impress readers of this very day. Quite rightly, the original work is considered to be among the best spiritual self-help books for tactics in world literature.

In his book DREAD NOT TO KNOW THYSELF Andreas Salcher conflates cutting-edge science and this ancient wisdom heretofore shared by a minority only. He invites you to embark upon a journey of self-discovery and shows you how to benefit from Jesuit wisdom in your daily routine and how to improve your life:

• How to select friends

• How to deal with enemies

• Heart or mind – torn between character and intellect

• To eschew victory over superiors

• To master the high art of manipulation

• To establish a good reputation – never talk about yourself

• To seize the moment – to wait patiently or to act resolutely?

• The art of being fortunate

“He who aspires to change reaches for the mirror and has already changed.” Seneca



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