The Wounded Man

In this book Andreas Salcher draws a map of concealed injuries, asking: In what ways do people who have been shattered by their wounds differ from those who even have grown with them? How can we prevent the fear of further injury from suffocating our longing for love?
During the course of our lives we all become experts: The feeling of being left out, betrayal, humiliation, breach of trust, indifference. Everyone has already harmed someone. Everyone has already been harmed. A thoughtless word may destroy a childhood. A minor carelessness may result in bruising the other’s soul. Sometimes, we also harm ourselves through denial of our origins and our own needs due to lack of courage or false pride.

Long-term studies illustrate which protective factors people may rely on in order to cope with the most painful tests of life. It is amazing how these conclusions correspond with the findings of some leading thinkers, spiritual teachers, and scientists who have contributed to this book. Reconcile yourself with you and with the world. For it is your deepest wound that reveals your greatest talent.


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