Andreas Salcher earned a PhD in business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, completed an Executive Program at Harvard University and visited numerous monasteries in Tibet, USA, and Europe. His aim is to conflate mankind’s ancient teachings of wisdom and the most advanced management concepts. Andreas Salcher, who got involved in politics at a young age, began his career as the chairman of the Youth Wing of the Vienna ÖVP (Austrian People´s Party). In 1987 he became the youngest member ever to be elected to the Vienna City Council and State Parliament, a member of which he remained for over a period of 12 years. During Dr. Peter Marboe’s term as City Councillor of Culture, Andreas Salcher was the Chairman of the Vienna City Culture Committee.

In the midst of his studies Andreas Salcher began working as a freelance communication trainer. He soon founded his own consulting company which today designs workshops of an extraordinary nature for international corporations. Political leaders and top managers seek his advice as a personal coach and he is a sought-after speaker at international conferences and events around the world.

After meeting Sir Karl Popper in 1993, Andreas Salcher together with Bernhard Görg, founded Austria’s first school for the highly gifted, the “Sir Karl Popper School”. He has served as its honorary Executive Vice-President ever since.

In 2004 Andreas Salcher initiated the “Waldzell Meetings” at Melk Abbey in Lower Austria, which have grown into an internationally acclaimed dialog between artists, moral authorities, and scientists. The list of speakers appearing during the first four years includes seven Nobel laureates, moral authorities such as the Dalai Lama, artists, novelists and designers such as Christo and JC, Paulo Coelho, Frank Gehry and Isabel Allende as well as several of the most prominent scientists of our times such as Robert Gallo, Carl Djerassi, Paul Nurse, Gunter Blobel, Kary Mullis, Craig Venter, and Anton Zeilinger.

Following the fourth Waldzell Meeting in 2007 which had been given a very positive reception on both national and international levels, Andreas Salcher decided to leave Waldzell in view to launch a new project with the working title “THE CURRICULUM PROJECT – Creating the Schools of Tomorrow”.

His book “THE TALENTED KID AND HIS ENEMIES”, which was published in March 2008, was a #1 bestseller. It set off a comprehensive debate on values and the way society deals with talent. An inquiry among readers in Austria conferred Andreas Salcher with the “Writer of the Year 2009” award for this book, succeeding Joanne K. Rowling, the award winner of 2008.

In November 2009, the Austrian Public Relations Association (PRVA) elected Andreas Salcher “Communicator of the Year”.

All subsequent books, THE WOUNDED MAN, MY LAST HOUR, I DID NOT KNOWNO MORE SCHOOL/MORE AND MORE JOY, “DREAD NOT TO KNOW THYSELF” and “AN ENTIRE LIFE IN ONE DAY” were also #1 bestsellers, with the first two each surpassing  50’000 books sold in Austria, for which he received two “Platinum Book” prizes.

In September 2019, Andreas Salcher published his latest book “THE TALENTED STUDENT AND HIS ETERNAL ENEMIES”.