Workshop “Manager Painting”

Here one learns from brilliant artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Goya or Hieronymus Bosch the ability to look deeply into oneself in search of unique solutions which can assist one in becoming a more successful manager. One paints his/her original picture on real canvas and discovers new paths to intuition and creativity. This extremely popular workshop has been developed by Andreas Salcher together with Vienna Academy scholar and painter Herwig Zens. Prof. Zens, one of the foremost experts on Goya, reveals the secret of painting by discussing an original painting and assists the participants in creating their own pictures. Painting has been used quite successfully in the in-house company seminars because the painting process quickly takes the participants’ perceptive abilities to a new level.

Examples of a design:

  • “How creativity in your business agenda is affected when you organize the day along the lines of rituals.” This scheme demonstrates how to combine creativity and discipline in everyday life through examining case studies of artists.
  • “The mysterious allure of images in the works of Francisco José de Goya and Stanley Kubrick.” Prof. Zens reveals the secret of painting by means of the examples of two ingenious artists.
  • Paint your own picture with acrylics on a canvas the size of 1 by 1 meter during a two-stage process, assisted by Prof. Zens.

This workshop is offered exclusively to companies as an in-house training unit.