The 24-Hour-Seminar

This is an unmatched self-help management and training program which gives you more time, consciousness, and energy to bring you back to essentials. Excellent reports from top managers and business magazines as well as evaluations from international groups emphasize, above all, the long-term benefits. Unlike conventional management training, whose effect usually lasts only for a short time, the 24-Hour-Seminar has been proven to work over long periods and leads to increased motivation at work and new ways to make use of your time.

The Benefits

 Successful people often face the problem that while they are working with a lot of energy and motivation, their job becomes the only thing that matters in their lives. This endangers the long-term balance of life and brings about a loss of meaning, a longing for a complete change, and finally a burnout syndrome. This results in negative, deep-seated effects on performance at work, on private life as well as on life energy. Every person longs for more time to themselves.


  • invest for once in yourself, not in others
  • conquer your weaker self and free yourself from time patterns that are blocking you
  • develop a personal time strategy of your own: This newly achieved potential creates new motivation in both professional and personal life
  • discover possibilities to alter your experience of time
  • learn to remain relaxed and calm despite mounting time pressure

The 24-Hour-Seminar is offered exclusively to companies as an in-house seminar for top managers.

The Method

  • Our theory of time: Through intensive analysis of the phenomenon of time, our theoretical understanding is based on advanced science and goes far beyond classic time management
  • The applied metaphors: For each participant the search for the “Secret of Time” becomes, for the duration of the seminar, an adventure of self-discovery
  • The ritual level: Based on the work of the so-called “Milan School”, we create the “red thread” or “leitmotiv” for each participant to help them implement the results in their daily lives


Businesspeople on the 24-Hour-Seminar:

“It is not that time passes, but us who pass away and vanish. It is vital to live in the here and now. This is one of the very many instructive perceptions of this totally fascinating seminar that teaches us how to use our time more consciously. Very rarely are the effects of a seminar as sustainable as is the case here, and it gives all the participants such an unusual experience with extra points for variety and excellent trainers.” Bettina Augeneder (Training Manager McDonald’s Austria)

“Without the seminar, things would have been a lot more difficult for me in the extremely strenuous time that followed. Now I manage my time myself. I try to introduce this thinking in my company, because I see a real need for it.” Günter Thumser (Executive Vice President Henkel)

Business media write about the 24-Hour-Seminar:

Without requiring you to ‘bare your soul’ the seminar asks the participants this question: What do you want to do with your time? After all, one has less time than one thought and more big things in mind than one remembers in the course of daily stress.” Daniela Davidovits (career section in daily newspaper “Kurier”)

“The motto: What you always wanted to know about time–but were afraid to ask. In the 24 hours there is plenty of room to do what we didn’t have time for, or didn’t take the time for.” Bernhard Ecker (business magazine “Trend”)

“The goal of the seminar is–without wearing a watch–to rediscover a sense of time, and to become aware of what it means, in a stressed (work) routine, ‘to have time’.” Kathrin Gulnerits (daily business newspaper “Wirtschaftsblatt”)
“A trip. A journey in time. Without a watch. Without a mobile phone. Without being informed of the time. But organized exactly and laid out thoroughly. The message: Forget what you have known about time management so far. You will reclaim something new and better.”
Matthias Raftl (career section in daily newspaper “Standard”)