Education projects for companies

Organizations or corporations, who seek to live up to their social responsibilities by establishing their own educational projects themselves turn to Andreas Salcher who has made his mark as an expert in designing and implementing such strategies.

An example:

In 2010 the president of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Brigitte Jank, commissioned Andreas Salcher to develop a project to demonstrate with international knowledge how young people, who did not succeed in the educational system, can be taught basic skills such as reading and writing within a very short period which enables them to gain access to the job market as viable candidates. From the company’s viewpoint this strategy was supposed to enhance recruitment of young talents. The project has been implemented in cooperation with two international experts: Hans Henrik Knoop, Professor of Aarhus University, who had realized the projects ”Plan B” and ”World Class” for Danish television, and Susanne Aabrandt, a specialist at the „National Reading Styles Institute“ (Syosset, NY). There was extensive coverage in the media, the results of which form the foundation of a variety of modifications to educational measures.