Development of innovative event designs


In cooperation with renowned artists and through our network of the world’s foremost creative minds we develop extraordinary designs for management conferences and workshops which combine sustainable content with personal emotional experience.

Some examples:

“The Art of Materializing Visions”

On one of the corporate conventions of the Böhler-Uddeholm Group whose theme was “The Art of Materializing Visions”, four international artists worked with 180 members of top management on creating, experiencing, and presenting blueprints for the future. The managers had the opportunity to experience how artists develop strategies and visions for the future.


“Management by Jazz“

Three jazz musicians from three different cultures (USA, Europe, and Asia), who do not know each other, meet for the first time on stage and, despite cultural differences and language barriers, they are instantly able to communicate with each other. By using the principles of jazz, they manage to overcome one of the major obstacles of the global economy, that is the cultural difference, and start to function together from the outset. Case studies of our clients illustrate what businesses can learn from these successful and simple rules. It was for this concept, first presented in 2001 at the General Meeting of the “Austrian Marketing Club”, that in 2002 Andreas Salcher was one of the few Europeans to be invited by the ASTD, the largest human resources conference in the world, to participate as a speaker at their annual conference in New Orleans.

The most recent event for which we created this design as the European Conference on Healthcare Engineering, which took place in the Vienna AKH (General University Hospital) and the Vienna City Hall. Drawing on the principles of jazz, insights were gained into the fields “Common understanding in an international environment”, “Innovation through improvisation”, and “Changing leadership”.

“Management in the Dark”

This is a unique concept which deals with the dramatic changes in essential environmental factors and their effect on personal decision making behavior, a process to be experienced as circumstances in real-time situations rather than be studied in theoretical books or seminars. Suddenly it is dark. You are blind. You are in a different world together with seven other people you neither see nor know personally. The dark room requires you to develop exceptional abilities and innovations in order to cope with the assigned management tasks.