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    “Andreas Salcher has a unique talent and flair for convening the leading thinkers of our time, successfully leading them into and through dialogue whose result is a dissemination of wisdom for the benefit of humankind’s present generation and generations still to come.”

    Robert C. Gallo, Discoverer of the HIV virus

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    “Andreas Salcher is a creator, a synthesizer, a daring innovator. When it comes to imagining the future, he is fearless; when it comes to bringing people together, he is thoughtful; when it comes to working to make the world a better place, he is tireless.”

    Alan M. Webber, Long-time Editor of the Harvard Business Review

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    “It is rare to make a successful contribution to even one sphere of life; Andreas Salcher has been effective in several at once: education, business, politics, and social criticism. What he writes makes a profound and realistic contribution to all these fields.”

    Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Discoverer of the flow and leading happiness scientist

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    “When we consider that, according to UNESCO, more people will have completed school in the next thirty years than in all the preceding years of human history, then now is precisely the right time for us to draw the proper conclusions from Andreas Salcher’s theses.”

    Gunter Blobel, Nobel Laureate in Medicine



The new book from Andreas Salcher “I am here for you. The Art of Friendship” is to be perceived as an invitation to reflect on our relationship with our friends and simultaneously learn more about ourselves. 

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Andreas Salcher is widely regarded as a sharp critic of the Austrian educational system, ruthlessly pointing out its deficiencies. Over the years, he has launched a series of sustainable projects for  improvements which demonstrate new approaches.


The Curriculum Project

The vision behind  “THE CURRICULUM PROJECT”  Creating the Schools of Tomorrow” – is to invent the school of the future in cooperation with the world’s brightest minds with the goal to make it accessible to all children. Andreas Salcher strives to narrow the gap between what children are being taught in every day school and what they actually need in preparation for their future.

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Sir Karl Popper with Andreas Salcher

The “Sir Karl Popper School”

After a meeting with Sir Karl Popper in 1993, Andreas Salcher, together with Bernhard Görg, founded Austria’s first school for the highly gifted, the “Sir Karl Popper School”. He has served as its honorary Executive Vice-President ever since.

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Seine Heiligkeit der Dalai Lama mit Andreas Salcher

His Holy Highness the 14th Dalai Lama with Andreas Salcher (2007)

The Waldzell Meetings at Melk Abbey

Having met with Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho in spring of 2003 in the French city of Tarbes, Andreas Salcher co-founded the “Waldzell Institute” with Gundula Schatz, which derives its name from the fictitious place Waldzell in Hermann Hesse’s novel The Glass Bead Game.

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Andreas Salcher at the Awards Ceremony for the "Communicator of the Year"


His innovative design concepts make Andreas Salcher a sought-after keynote speaker at management conferences in both Europe and the USA.

Some topics on his current list of lectures:

  • “Leadership implies being fond of people”
  • “From relegation candidate to frontrunner—-strategies for a school of the future”
  • “Winners and losers—-how people come to terms with crises and defeats in different ways”
  • “Individuals and their power to change something—-anyone is able to make a difference”

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For over 25 years Andreas Salcher has been working as a business consultant in the area of human resources. His clients include companies such as AC Nielsen, Böhler-Uddeholm, McDonald’s, Hennes & Mauritz, Merck, OMV. His international network of artists and scientists enables him to offer a wide array of workshops and a variety of consulting fields to corporations and organizations:

  • Positioning of brands with archetypes
  • Development of innovative designs for Events
  • Advising companies on educational projects

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  • 24h-Seminar

    Workshop “Manager Painting”


    Here one learns from brilliant artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Goya or Hieronymus Bosch the ability to look deeply into oneself in search of unique solutions which can assist one in becoming a more successful manager.

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  • 24h-Seminar

    Leadership implies being fond of people


    This intensive one-day seminar with Andreas Salcher is offered both as an in-house company training unit or as a public workshop.

    There is not the one right leadership model. But not a single model works without truly understanding people.

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  • 24h-Seminar

    The 24-Hour-Seminar


    This is an unmatched self-help management and training program which gives you more time, consciousness, and energy to bring you back to essentials. Excellent reports from top managers and business magazines as well as evaluations from international groups emphasize, above all, the long-term benefits.

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“Whenever you put a good performer against a bad system, the system will always win.“

Peter Drucker



Upcoming events

  • AIR Akademie Interne Revision GmbH

    Wann: 18. Mai 2017
    Wo: Studio 44, Rennweg 44, 1030 Wien

    Keynote Andreas Salcher: „Sieger und Verlierer – wie Menschen unterschiedlich mit Krisen und Niederlagen umgehen“

  • Benediktiner Stift Melk

    Wann: 29. März 2017
    Wo: Abt-Berthold-Dietmayr-Straße 1, 3390 Melk

    Andreas Salcher Lesung: “Die Kunst der Freundschaft” anschließend Dialog mit Altabt Burkhard Ellegast

  • Kern Kompetenzen GmbH

    Wann: 9. März 2017
    Wo: Herrenstraße 11, 4020 Linz

    Keynote Andreas Salcher: „ERFOLGSFAKTOR MENSCH – Jeder kann etwas bewegen“

  • Wagner’schen Universitätsbuchhandlung und BFI Tirol

    Wann: 22. Feber 2017
    Wo: BFI Tirol, Ing.-Etzel-Straße 7, 6010 Innsbruck

    Andreas Salcher Lesung: “Ich bin für dich da – die Kunst der Freundschaft”

  • HBLFA Raumberg-Gumpenstein

    Wann: 14. Feber 2017
    Wo: Höhere Bundeslehr- und Forschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft Raumberg-Gumpenstein Raumberg 38, 8952 Irdning

    Andreas Salcher Lesung: “Ich bin für dich da – die Kunst der Freundschaft”

  • Wirtschaftsbund Graz

    Wann: 26. Jänner 2017
    Wo: Karmeliterplatz 6, 8010 Graz

    Keynote Andreas Salcher: „Bildung – Talente – Schulsystem“

  • Club Cuvée

    Wann: 24. Jänner 2017
    Wo: Novomatic Forum

    Andreas Salcher präsentiert sein Buch „Ich bin für Dich da. Die Kunst der Freundschaft“

  • Klub der Frauen

    Wann: 16. Jänner 2017
    Wo: Raiffeisen Bank International, Sky Lounge

    Andreas Salcher im Gespräch mit Sandra Baierl, Kurier, über „Die Kunst der Freundschaft“



Andreas Salcher’s books cover a wide spectrum about life such as the disregard of  individuals’ talent, carelessness in dealing with others and negligence in the way we lead our own lives.

Andreas Salcher is considered one of  Austria’s most widely read non-fiction authors with over 200,000 books sold.


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I am here for you. The Art of Friendship

True friends are those who see to it that we live longer, healthier and happier.  They provide support when all else is crumbling around us. But how do we recognize them? And to what degree are we willing to reciprocate? This book is to be perceived as an invitation to reflect on our relationship with our friends and simultaneously learn more about ourselves.

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All or Nothing – How Future Popes Will Change the World

The book intends to present „Science Faction“ rather than „Science Fiction“. From the perspective of Pope Francis and his successors, it delineates world history from today until 2035. In the next twenty years to come, mankind will struggle to reconcile science with spirituality. The challenges we have to deal with over the course of two decades include fundamentalism and the god dispute, artificial life, environmental disasters, and rebellions. Who will provide guidance in these times of massive change?

Dread not to know thyself

In his new book Andreas Salcher covers a wide range of life’s essential issues: from self-discovery to self-restraint to self-improvement.

No More School

Our schools keep getting more expensive–while deteriorating continuously. An ailing system destroys the pupils’ talents and leaves teachers dispirited. The parents are forced to serve as private tutors after school, megalomaniac members of the teachers’ union and timid politicians have been opposing any attempts to reform in the past 30 years. However, they would know very well how good schools work. Children are being robbed of their chances in life, in front of our very eyes. We cannot possibly continue to keep aloof from all this.

I Did Not Know

Some day, a child will look you in the eye. A child you know. He will point to what is happening today: Resources being depleted, aspirations vitiated, misery overlooked with callousness, personal gain maximized. Then you will be asked: Did you really not know at the time?

My Last Hour – A Day Has Many Lives

This is not a book about death; this is a book about life. About every single day, which lies before us. About our dreams and wishes, which we do not take the opportunity to fulfill. About our love for other people, which we often do not dare declare. About the love for ourselves, which in our lives often does not exist. About the opportunities life opens up to us, which we do not take out of fear or our failure to recognize them. About supposedly worthwhile goals, which make it clear in retrospect that on the way there we have overlooked something more important. About the twinkle in our eyes that gradually fades.

The Wounded Man

In this book Andreas Salcher draws a map of concealed injuries, asking: In what ways do people who are destroyed by their wounds differ from those who even grow with them? How can we prevent the fear of more injuries from suffocating our longing for love?
During the course of our lives we all become experts: The feeling of being left out, betrayal, humiliation, breach of trust, indifference. Everyone has already hurt someone. Everyone has already been hurt. A thoughtless word may destroy a childhood. A minor carelessness may result in gangrene in the other’s soul. Sometimes, we also hurt ourselves by denying our origins and our own needs due to lack of courage or false pride.

The talented Kid and his Enemies

The book draws on the insights of some of the world’s leading experts on learning and schools.

About Andreas Salcher

Dr. Andreas Salcher is a business consultant, best-selling author and critical pioneer on educational issues.  In 1987 his political career began as the then youngest member of the Vienna City Council and State Parliament on which he served altogether 12 years. He is co-founder of the „Sir Karl Popper School“ for highly gifted children. In 2004 he launched the „Waldzell Meetings“ at Melk Abbey, whose list of speakers included seven Nobel laureates and the Dalai Lama. Since 2008 Andreas Salcher has been advocating  the improvement of schools with his „CURRICULUM PROJECT”.

All his books published so far, all were #1 bestsellers. In the year 2009 Andreas Salcher was presented with two awards:  The Austrian “Writer of the Year” and “Communicator of the Year”. All subsequent books have turned out to be #1 bestsellers, too.

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With his first book, “The Talented Kid and his Enemies” Andreas Salcher triggered a wide ranging debate on how talent is valued in our society. His trenchant theses made headline news which triggered sustainable debates. His books deal with overtones. He wants to hear and amplify them so that they will be heard by others.

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